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Beyond the Bloodspot Summit

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Baby's First Test

Beyond the Bloodspot: How will Emerging Technologies Shape Detection & Clinical Care

20 F Street Conference Center 20 F Street NW, Washington DC 20001 August 20, 2013

Agenda  Summit Materials

As we arrive to an age of next generation sequencing, a key question is upon us: what will happen to newborn screening? For 50 years – since the discovery of the filter paper method to screen for phenylketonuria (PKU) in 1962 – newborn screening has undergone consistent, measurable advancements. Over the last decade, advocacy organizations and individuals with children affected by rare conditions have become increasingly vocal about the need to expand research and the list ofconditions on state newborn screening panels. As new technologies and research findings continue to transform newborn screening, ongoing public dialogue on issues inherent to the screening process is imperative in order to ensure the program’s future success. We had a successful day of discussion and thought-provoking session looking at the changing landscape of screening and what lessons can be learned from both emerging technologies and established population-based screening programs.


Shire, a proud partner of Genetic Alliance,
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