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Genetic Alliance engages individuals, families and communities to transform health. This requires that we as an organization understand what it means to transform systems, dissolve boundaries, create and sustain open space, and promote the process of openness. We understand that to transform systems, we must start with our own, beginning with our very person. Such work calls us, both personally and professionally, to explore the deepest truths about ourselves and the systems we impact.

Our core promise is articulated in our Mandate for Quality Genetic Services, our values, and further emphasized by our Manifesto.


Individuals and families need and deserve opportunities to be active participants in health, from services in traditional health settings to groundbreaking research endeavors.

Genetic Alliance is resolute that people come first. We partner with individuals and communities to transform health systems to respond to what people most need.

We convene powerful networks, deliver actionable information, build intuitive tools, and drive policy decisions.


Genetic Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Genetic Alliance’s work is supported by a blend of funding from government grants and contracts, industry and corporate support, individual donations, and fees generated by services and events. We continually work to diversify our funding sources. A key part of this diversification plan is to secure strategic, fee-for-service partnerships that leverage our expertise, serve the needs of the field and community, and bring greater financial sustainability to the organization.

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26400 Woodfield Road #189, Damascus MD 20872 | Tel: 202.966.5557 | EIN 52-1571905

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