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Women’s Study

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Make Women’s Health a Priority!


The health of women is not seen as a priority for many research programs. Most research is conducted on men, and women - especially in marginalized communities - are neglected. Women work for the health of others, whether our own family members, or for the greater community at large. When was the last time someone asked you how your health could be better supported? When were your needs studied and addressed?

Together with Luna, Genetic Alliance has launched a Women’s Study. We are in the first phase of gathering information about what matters to women. Several scientists are standing by to analyze this information to inform both actual research and research priorities. So far, about 2000 women have told us what matters to them. This is a ground up, grassroots effort, by and for women. Join us – take this bull by the horns and help to ensure the needs of women are understood, prioritized, and served. We are offering this to help women and organizations committed to women’s health.



If you are an individual who would like to participate in the Women's Study, please visit our partner Luna's website. Getting started is easy: simply join the Luna community, then safely share your top priorities for women's health research. We'll compile your feedback with the help of our study partners and publish the results, so that we can catalyze the research that matters most to you. We'll even explore follow-on women's health studies based on what you share, in collaboration with you and with prominent researchers.


Organizations, Institutions, Agencies

If you are a community or an organization and wish to have your own branded link to collect data about the women in your community, please fill out this simple form (logo and message) and we will send you your unique referral link. You will receive a report with your community’s data compared to all the rest of the data.



Investigators, we welcome your participation. This data can be used to justify the need for funding in specific areas that meet the needs of women or to accelerate policy change. Contact us to participate as a researcher (smart Girl Scouts and other non-traditional investigators included). Follow-on studies are welcome. Send us more references if you want them showcased. It was remarkable to find that most major studies are decades old.



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