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Genetic Alliance Core Values

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Genetic Alliance commits to accomplish our mission with integrity, and to live by these values in everything we do.

Collectivity:             We believe that everyone values health and well-being for themselves and those they love.

Openness:             To achieve better health for all, we must embrace the diverse priorities of our allies while contributing to

                   a common goal.

Transparency:          We must actively understand and honestly communicate our biases and ambitions,

Trustworthiness:          practicing our mission, in order to cultivate and sustain trust.

Vulnerability:           And yet, we must also risk our comfort and be willing to trust in others,

Intersectionality:          for the factors that influence health and happiness are myriad and too great for any one organization to solve.

Commitment to Agency:     Indeed, we must support the inherent power of people’s choices and build systems that meet their needs,

Inclusivity:             to ensure that these benefits are available to all people.

Responsibility:           We are responsible for the health of ourselves and all others, and,

Tempered Urgency:        we must act with purpose and haste to create the change we seek within our lifetimes.


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