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Family Health History Goals and Objectives

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  1. Promote conversations about health within the family
    1. Provide different methods for communicating with relatives about family health history
    2. Explain why genetics is important to the family
    3. Use health stories to demonstrate the impact of family history on health
  1. Translate family health history into healthy choices
    1. Explain the relationship between heredity and lifestyle
    2. Provide methods of organizing family health history to allow risk assessment
    3. Educate about diseases that run in families
    4. Improve provider access to patient family health history and relevant resources
    5. Evaluate utility of tools to engage families in their health decisions
  1. Increase community involvement in health education
    1. Include community members in planning and implementation of family health history toolkit
    2. Increase accessibility of products through customization
    3. Disseminate products to diverse communities
    4. Create an effective model for community engagement
    5. Evaluate utility of family health history for improving health outcomes
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