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When better health is the goal, accessible, culturally competent tools and technologies are essential. Genes in Life increases access to services and provides patients with the information they need, when they need it. We help individuals, families, and communities control their care by making them stewards of their own health. 

Genomics is complex, and the field changes all the time. To help patients understand the latest breakthroughs and navigate genetic services, we developed an engaging and accessible website and campaign called Genes in Life. We don’t stop at education. We amplify the voices of individuals, families, and communities by helping them tell their stories and advocate on behalf of themselves and their conditions.

We put families first! Our healthcare system focuses primarily on the individual patient, but there are great benefits to focusing on family. Families provide support and share hereditary and environmental risk factors. That’s powerful! Genetic Alliance produces educational materials and multimedia that help individuals AND families start the sometimes difficult conversations about health and use that information to make healthy choices.

While there is a huge amount of valuable information available on the Internet, the search for resources that are both credible and up-to-date can be exhausting. Disease InfoSearch has information from reliable sources on more than 13,000 conditions to help patients find just what they need. What’s more, our vast network of organizations curates the tool so that experts on each condition - the people who live it day to day - provide links to information and support that patients want and need.

Genetic Alliance provides consulting and project-based services in educational material and multimedia production and community engagement. Check out our work on our publications page and at In addition, we are happy to collaborate to host summits and webinars. You can find out more on our events page or contact the project leader, James O’Leary, at joleary (at) geneticalliance (dot) org.

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