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Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER): Frequently Asked Questions

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Get To Know The Tool

The Basics

What is PEER?

Who owns PEER?

Why was PEER created?

How is PEER funded?

How is PEER governed?


Data Collection

What types of data collection does PEER support?

Can I create my own surveys in PEER?

Does PEER capture longitudinal data?

Does PEER integrate with electronic health records?

Does PEER integrate with mobile health data?

Can clinicians enter data into PEER?


Data Management

Who owns the data shared in PEER?

What types of data can PEER participants share, and who can they share it with?

Can participants in PEER decide not to share data with my organization or community?

How do I access data shared with my organization or community in PEER?

How do researchers access data shared with them in PEER?

Why does PEER allow participants to choose to share data with researchers from outside of my organization or community?

What types of researchers outside my community or organization will have access to my participants’ data in PEER?

Does PEER support international research studies?


Other Features

Click the link to view a complete list of our current and upcoming features.

How do I contact participants in my PEER portal?

Can caregivers, clinicians, or organizations enter information on behalf of participants?

Can the PEER registry be translated into other languages?

Can PEER be accessed on smartphones or tablets?

Can PEER integrate with EHR?

Can I import data from RedCAP or other databases to PEER?



Is PEER HIPPA-compliant?

Is PEER GDPR-compliant?

Is PEER 21 CFR 11-compliant?

To what level does PEER address Section 508 compliance (accessibility to people with disabilities)?



What are the software requirements for me to create a registry using PEER?

Are there known security issues?

What is PEER’s technology stack?


Learn How PEER Would Work For You

How much does PEER cost?

How long does it take to launch a PEER portal?

What happens if I decide to close my PEER portal?



PEER & LunaDNA Partnership

Genetic Alliance and LunaPBC, the parent company of the LunaDNA platform, announced a novel partnership in January of 2019. PEER and LunaDNA will integrate under a unified mission to empower individuals and organizations to create health communities and drive medical discovery.

What is LunaDNA?

What is the goal of the partnership between PEER and LunaDNA?

When will the platforms be integrated?

How will the merged PEER and LunaDNA platform differ from the current PEER platform?

How will you protect our community members’ privacy in the merged product?

What is LunaPBC’s business model, and how will their work be funded and sustained?

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