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PEER's Move to OSS

In early 2017, Genetic Alliance made PEER available as an Open Source Software (OSS) system. While organizations and communities using PEER to develop customized registries still have access to the same features and terms as in the past, organizations interested in PEER’s development now have the option to work with the code and contribute new features back to the community. As a result, the move to open source allows for far greater flexibility in the platform’s growth and development.

An active community of developers and other healthcare stakeholders is currently forming around the platform. Several groups and companies have committed to piloting features once the move to open source is complete. These features include linking PEER to:

  1. Data analysis suites like i2b2

  2. Data collection tools such as Progeny for family health history data and Phenotips for detailed phenotypic information

  3. Platforms to socially connect patients like SmartPatients

We are confident that these early developments will establish the value of PEER as an OSS system and support us in more quickly achieving our longstanding goals for PEER as a tool for engaging individuals in research.

If you are a developer or programmer interested in working on PEER, please contact us at Please feel free to reach out to us with additional questions, as well.

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