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We will beat a path to participation in biomedical research,
and we will accelerate solutions.

Through the BioTrust enterprise, Genetic Alliance offers tools and platforms to empower citizens to contribute data, samples, and energy to transforming health. The revolution must come from us, the people.
By engaging individuals, disease advocacy organizations, providers, and researchers and making innovative tools such as the Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER) available to the community, Genetic Alliance catalyzes translational and clinical research and accelerates solutions for human health.
BioTrust engages in a number of important projects designed to transform the translational science space: Community Engaged Network for All (CENA), Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD).  Our work is overseen by the Genetic Alliance Ethics Team and the Institutional Review Board.

Where do you go to get credible and current information on genetic conditions? Look no further than Disease InfoSearch, which provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on 10,000 diseases and their subtypes. Looking to share information, not just get it?  And don't forget, your opinion counts! Please tell the FDA what you think about the risks and benefits of drug development.

It is critical to understand where you are on the road to interventions and therapies. Navigating the Ecosystem of Translational Science (NETS) gives you a map to help guide you. Then put your whole community on the map with Genetic Alliance Registry and BioBank (GARB)! GARB provides complete end-to-end solutions for registries, biobanking, and associated studies.

BioTrust offers you the opportunity to pose questions that will build a cohort or generate a hypothesis. PEER for Research, the research portal for our Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly, offers a powerful search engine that will help you connect with the right participants for your research study.  Navigating the Ecosystem of Translational Science (NETS) helps you determine where you are on the complex road to therapies and interventions.

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