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Gene Editing

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Gene editing is the use of modern technologies to modify an organism's DNA. An organism's DNA may be altered by adding, removing, or altering portions of the genome at specific locations.


Why oppose Gene Editing?

Clinical germline editing should not proceed for any application without broad societal consensus on the appropriateness of altering a fundamental aspect of humanity for a particular purpose. Unless a wide range of voices are equitably engaged from the outset, efforts will lack legitimacy and might backfire. The societal impacts of clinical germline editing could be considerable:

  • Individuals with genetic differences or disabilities can experience stigmatization and discrimination.
  • Parents could be put under powerful peer and marketing pressure to enhance their children.
  • Children with edited DNA could be affected psychologically in detrimental ways.
  • Many religious groups and others are likely to find the idea of redesigning the fundamental biology of humans morally troubling.
  • Unequal access to the technology could increase inequality.
  • Genetic enhancement could even divide humans into subspecies.
  • The introduction of genetic modifications into future generations could have permanent and possibly harmful effects on the species.


What has Genetic Alliance done to oppose Gene Editing?


  • Genetic Alliance conducted a A Call for Moratorium on Germline Gene Editing.

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