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Improving Quality and Accessibility

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Once you understand the needs of the population you serve, the next step is to create resources that are both accurate and useful. This step is particularly challenging in health and genetics education because the information you provide is inherently complicated in nature and can drive serious medical decisions. One simple resource to use when creating a new resource is the Trust It or Trash It Developer’s toolkit.picture of hands on computer keyboard

The format of the resource is a key consideration in ensuring the accessibility of your information. Use information from your needs assessment to determine whether one-on-one interaction, print, audio, video, or online resources will be most effective. While the creation of print materials can be relatively straightforward, the options for online education are endless. Increasingly, websites, social media platforms, and smartphone apps are the media of choice for health communications because of the flexibility they provide, the ability to target multiple types of users, and the opportunity to aggregate or link to other tools and resources. Over 80% of Internet users look online for health information,4 a number that has been steadily growing over the past ten years. In addition, online resources provide more opportunities to iteratively improve the quality of your product. For instance, many sites offer a registration option that allows users to set preferences and indicate the types of resources they are interested in. By collecting information about site users, programs can know more about who is using their site and what types of information they are looking for, and can tailor resources to best fit the needs of the target population.


Enhancing User Experience

  • The Affordable Care Act: Through the Life Course

Highlighting Existing Resources

  • The Advocacy ATLAS: Accessible Tools for Leadership and Advocacy Success

Crowd-souring and Aggregating Information

  • Disease InfoSearch

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