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Ensuring Sustainability

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The ability to hire staff to do outreach and have measurable impacts on a community often relies on the availability of funding. Programs are sometimes able to support a range of activities within a current program plan supported by existing funding sources, but more often than not, new programming relies on acquiring new funding sources. Finding funding for your program may require establishing strategic partnerships between organizations with similar missions. Thousands of programs rely on federal funding to support their work through grants or cooperative agreements. In the face of federal spending reductions, community-based programs should think creatively about sources of funding with corporations or organizations that support their mission or work within their target community. Integrating into existing programs is one effective strategy that allows programs working with limited funding to maximize their resources and impact.8

The primary focus of many community-based programs has been on showing outcomes and determining program effectiveness, and less of an emphasis on long-term viability of successful programs. New programs may require significant resources and start-up costs; programs should look beyond initial funding and focus on sustainability so investments reach their full fruition over time. 


Expansion Through Partnership

  • Care Coordination: Empowering Families Parent Training Curriculum

Integration into Existing Services

  • Incorporating Family Health History into Employee Wellness Initiatives

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