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Additional Resources for Creating Effective Outreach Programs

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Community Resources

  • Community Based Participatory Research- This article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the process of Community Based Participatory Research and the important impact of including the community in research programs.
  • Community Needs Assessment Online Tool- A tool providing quick and easy access to information from multiple Federal and other national data sources for any state or county in the nation. Information can be viewed for one or more counties or states, and is summarized using easy to read tables and charts.


Securing Funding/Sustainability

  • Resources on Grants- This site provides resources on applying for different types of grants including foundation grants and government grants.


Creating Outreach Materials

  • Resources on Building a Website- This site includes information and resources on Web Site Hosting; Web Site Designers; Using a Content Management System; Evaluating Your Site; Search Engine Optimization, among other important topics.
  • Creating Effective Brochures- This resource guide provides helpful information on create effective outreach materials for a specific audience.
  • The Readability Test Tool- This site provides a quick and easy way to test the readability, or reading level, of the text on your website or document. When creating resources it is important your product is written at a reading level that fits the needs of your target audience.
  • Resources for Cultural Competency- This site compiles national resources on cultural competence and diversity and how to ensure your programs are designed with both in mind.




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