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Dear Friends,

Emergency preparedness and evacuation with a loved one who has a chronic illness is no easy feat. Living on an island, it is sometimes impossible, as is the case in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands now. In this time of need, we are reaching out to you to assist the people living in these American Territories.

Our current priority is to obtain donations for medical foods and formulas for those who have inborn errors in metabolism and/or are dependent upon enteral feeds as a primary source of nutrition.

Many of the people we serve are dependent upon medical foods to maintain their health. We can get medications and supplies to these people in Puerto Rico through chartered jets leaving from the state of Florida. We are coordinating efforts with Dr. Jose Colon of Hope and Health Project and Dr. Elimarys Perez-Colon of Doctors for Puerto Rico who are working to get help to the people who need it. Through metabolic specialist Dr. Maria del Carmen Gonzalez in Puerto Rico, we know there are about 31 individuals who are currently receiving medical foods or formulas for conditions such as PKU and citrullinemia. In addition, there are also medically fragile individuals who are dependent upon enteral feeds. We are in the process of working with doctors and advocacy groups to identify other families in need and will send updates to our community.

As we don’t want anything to go to waste, financial donations are preferable. Online donations may be made on the Hope and Health Project page, or sent via mail to:

Hope and Health Project
P.O. Box 273966
Tampa, FL 33688-3966
co: Doctors for Puerto Rico.

Hope and Health Project is a 501(c)3 Corporation. 100% of the donations received are used directly to support individuals in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Feeding supplies and nutritional supplements such as PediaSure and Ensure that do not require refrigeration may be mailed to:

Hope and Health Project
Doctors for Puerto Rico
Bay Care Medical Group
3012 Starkey Blvd
Trinity, FL 34655

Thank you for your care and support during this difficult time.

Sharon Terry

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