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Forms and Templates

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Initial IRB Application Template - You should use this template when you have a new human participants study that you would like to submit for IRB review. This template outlines the elements that the IRB needs to review, including items that need to be attached and instructions for how to complete this template for a new research study.

Initial IRB Application for PEER Portal Template - You should use this template if you are developing a PEER registry portal. This template outlines the elements that the IRB needs to review for a new Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER) registry, including instructions for completing the template and additional language on the consent process for PEER.

IRB Amendment Template - You should use the amendment template when you make any changes to an already approved study. Modifications may include changes in key personnel, addition of survey instruments, modifications/changes to outreach materials, and any other protocol modifications.

IRB Continuing Review Template - All protocols require annual continuing review by the IRB. Please complete this form and return it 3 weeks before your protocol is due to lapse (the anniversary of initial approval).

IRB Request for Exemption Template - You should use this template if your research meets the exempt requirements, and you would like to apply to the IRB to receive exemption. If you need guidance determining if you research is exempt, please see the "Guidance to Distinguish QI from Clinical Research" document.

IRB Final Progress Report and Study Closure Template - You should use this template if you have completed your study and are no longer conducting research activities. Please complete this form to notify the IRB that you are no longer conducting research and formally close your protocol.

IRB Outreach Plan Template - This template serves as an outline of the outreach plan to be submitted with your initial IRB application. If you make any changes to this template after approval, you will need to submit a revised document as a companion to the amendment template. 

Delegation of Authority and Staff Signature Log and Instructions - Use the information in this document to facilitate the completion of the Staff Signature and Delegation of Responsibility Log.

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