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Health Information Technology

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Genetic Alliance recognizes the promise of standardized health information technology to lower healthcare costs, improve quality and coordination of care, reduce medical errors and accelerate biomedical research. We acknowledge that stakeholders have concerns surrounding incomplete privacy protections, increased bureaucracy, and consumer access to personal medical information, among other issues. Genetic Alliance puts forward the following four principles to ensure that the development and implementation of health information technology remains focused on building a flexible system that empowers individuals and maximizes the effectiveness and quality of research and healthcare:

  1. Engage all stakeholders in systems level development of technology, standards, policy, and approaches to balance privacy and access;
  2. Capitalize on the expanded capacity provided by health IT to find new and innovative ways to promote interoperability and integrate health systems;
  3. Enable access to information for consumers and providers to promote informed decision-making; and
  4. Promote systemic openness to facilitate data liquidity while providing dynamic privacy preferences to consumers.

For up-to-date information on HIT please visit the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

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