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Internship Program at Genetic Alliance

This internship pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me skills that will certainly benefit me in the future. Being immersed in the disease advocacy community has furthered my passion for genetic counseling, and I am eager to see where this career takes me!                               - Angela Vito, 2019

The Internship Program at Genetic Alliance began in 1997. Since then, interns have come to Washington, DC each year for the learning experience of a lifetime. The program offers exposure to cutting edge issues in health advocacy and research, and interns participate in challenging roles across all Genetic Alliance programs.

This competitive program is a perfect start for anyone wanting to jump into the field of health advocacy!




     How to Apply    

The staff allowed me to explore interests that surpassed the focus of the internship, which was very exciting. Unlike in other companies, Genetic Alliance relies on their interns to supply a significant amount of work which enables you to take ownership of projects.                      -Erika Lutins, 2017

Expecting Health: Maternal and Child Health Internships

Expecting Health shares science-based and policy-informed information that reflects the lived experiences of individuals and their families. We do this through the power of relationships; convening the top experts; working with key leaders in health; and engaging with families and communities at the center of the conversation. We believe that new and expecting families, regardless of makeup, income, or background, should and deserve to expect health. We simply don’t think it needs to be this hard.

The Expecting Health internship program is valuable for those interested in health education, genetic counseling, health policy, advocacy and outreach, research, business development, and new and traditional media relations.

Expecting Health Digital and Social Media Internship

The Digital and Social Media Intern will work with a range of team members and on projects relating to family engagement, newborn screening training and awareness-building, prenatal testing content development, and across all communications channels including our Baby’s First Test related platforms. This internship runs for a semester, but specific dates will be determined as part of the application process.

Genetic Alliance provides a great opportunity for interns to serve active roles in a variety of projects relating to the advancement of genetic technology and health advocacy. During my time here, I felt engaged in my projects and felt that my work was meaningful.                        -Will Gluckin, 2016

Stakeholder Research and Engagement Internships

For Genetic Alliance, advocacy-led research means more than research conducted with participants at the table. It means that the people—groups of patients and activated communities—are truly leading the research effort, empowered with infrastructure and expertise. Interns interested in this work will help support Genetic Alliance’s tools, partnerships, and projects that build capacity in communities, enable new cross-sector partnerships, and place control in the hands of the people, empowering them with a greater sense of ownership over their health data.

In more than three decades of supporting advocacy organizations and collaborating with clinical, policy, research, and other health institutions at the federal, state, and local levels, Genetic Alliance has cultivated a vast network. We believe the participation and leadership of diverse stakeholders is imperative for elevating voices; leveraging stories; identifying the most impactful research questions; informing successful participation and retention; generating insight for value assessment, quality product development, and effective project execution; and— ultimately—ensuring that knowledge makes its way back to people for better care.

Opportunities for projects include: the Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER), Genetic Alliance BioBank, the Genetic Alliance IRB, and Disease InfoSearch.

These internships are valuable for those interested in public health, advocacy, health and/or clinical research, health information technology, medical school, nursing, allied health professions, health education, community-based health work, novel healthcare approaches, formative research, writing, resource development, and evaluation, community advocacy, engagement, and outreach.

We are seeking candidates with strong research and writing capabilities and an interest in advocacy-led research, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and/or an interest and in community engagement and outreach. Experience with community engagement, information technology, and/or database management experience preferred.


Application Process

At this time, Genetic Alliance offers a remote internship only. Intern applications are considered on an ongoing basis. We offer single and multi-semester internships, in addition to summer or yearlong opportunities.

We offer both topic-based and skill-based internships. When considering the internship opportunities, you may be interested in:

  • A specific topic and you have a number of relevant skills
  • A specific skill and you are agnostic to the topic (but are interested in health in general)
  • A specific skill you wish to apply to a specific topic

Your expression of your creativity and ingenuity begins with the application: use the cover letter to describe why you are an excellent fit for the internship for which you are applying. If selected to intern with Genetic Alliance, you will be encouraged to develop and propose your own projects to the organization. See other requirements below.


Genetic Alliance Interns come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, but all interns share a common passion for disrupting health systems to create paths to better health.

Location of Internship & Transportation

Genetic Alliance is conveniently located above the Van Ness metro stop on the Red Line in Washington, DC. Address: 4301 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 404, Washington, DC 20008 (See Directions)

Academic Credit

Interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between Genetic Alliance and the intern's college or university. All interns are subject to the applicable Genetic Alliance Personnel Handbook.

International applications are welcome, however, Genetic Alliance does not sponsor international applicants for a work visa or offer assistance in relocation fees.
Each applicant may choose to apply for one or more positions. Experience for each specific position must be addressed in a cover letter.
  1. Download and fill out the Application Form.
  2. One (1)-page letter of interest or cover letter (strictly enforced) – Please share with us how working with Genetic Alliance will advance your professional and academic goals. In particular, describe what skills you offer and those you wish to gain during your internship. Please also be sure to indicate which of the above internship opportunities you are interested in (you may list more than one).
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Two letters of recommendation from professors or previous employers. Recommendation letters should be emailed to either with the application or separately; whichever is preferable to the writers.
  5. A three-to-five-page writing sample (excluding citations) – Samples should not be scientific research papers. Samples may be excerpts of longer papers. If a sample exceeds the limit, only the first three pages will be considered. In your email providing the above materials, please tell us why you have chosen this writing sample to submit with your application. You may provide more than one writing sample if you feel it necessary to demonstrate a range of skills important to the internship of interest.
  6. Any forms relevant to fulfilling requirements for your school or external program. This may include forms relevant for receiving funds or a grant to supplement the internship stipend or receiving academic credit.

Submitting Your Application Materials

Applications are only accepted by email. Please send your materials to Due to the volume of applications we receive each year, only those applicants who are asked to interview will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest!




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